Amen: Plazes Founder And First Twitter Engineer Team Up For Mysterious Startup

Looking for a startup with a healthy dollop of hubris, a sense of humor, and a shroud of secrecy? Meet Amen, a company that claims to be offering “the best job in the world”.

At this point we don’t know much about the startup aside from a few things: it has a very solid founding team, and it has something to do with strongly voicing opinions.

The company’s founders include Florian Weber, a very early Twitter employee who played a major role in that company’s creation (to the point that he has been called a forgotten cofounder). Amen also includes Felix Petersen, who formerly founded Plazes, which was acquired by Nokia in 2008. Rounding out the roster are Caitlin Winner (MIT, Nokia) and Ricki Vester Gregersen (Input Squared).

Amen is based in Berlin, Germany. Here’s the vague (and hubristic) description on the jobs page:

“Tired of mediocrity? Amen is about making strong statements and ultimately about making sense of the world. People have called it “Strangely Addictive”, “Pop-Cultural Engineering” or even “Better than Porn”. Sorry, we can’t tell you more at this point but we gladly will if you apply for a position. Currently we are in private Beta and will be rolling out on different platforms over the course of the year.”

There are a few other tidbits of information on the jobs page, like the fact that the company really likes Android (they want someone who “Belives in the Platform”).