Live At The Barnes & Noble Event In New York

We’re coming at you live from the Barnes & Noble superstore/cafe/public bathroom on Union Square where we hope to see an update to the Nook line. It’s my understanding that we’ll be seeing a new Nook Color Device with priced at about $140. Update this page as we live blog the event with bated breath.

9:55am – Facing down a phalanx of black-shirted B&N employees wearing Nook shirts. Waiting with Techno music playing.

10:00am – They’re asking us to turn off our cellphones. Things are starting shortly.

10:02am – Two minute warning.

10:03am – Playing the music for the loading screen for OS X Tiger.

10:04am – Playing a commercial. “Til all the plots are wrapped up.” “I will read.”
William Lynch on stage. Talking about advances in digital reading market. Nook momentum: 25% of the ebook market. Leading in physical book market at 17%. Nook Color is “Best tablet value in the market.” 2nd only in tablet sales to the iPad. Nook ecosystem. Well over 1 million apps downloaded.
Cloud services run millions of transactions.

10:08am – B&N Promise – the customer service team “add value” to the buying experience.
First to launch lending, popular quote sharing service. Basically recapping current Nook specs. Kids books, free Nook reading in B&N stores, etc. Nook newstand allowing folks to read magazines on the Nook color.
10:11am – Change and improve the future of reading. Nook Color is a home run. Still a segment in this large market that wants a simple, pure reading experience. Reading from a letter: “My family and I are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for my grandmother. She hasn’t embraced technology. I’m wondering why you haven’t created a version of the Nook for her.”

All new Nook. About five inches tall. Four inches across. Very tiny Nook with black and white screen. One buttom bottom center and page turning buttons on edges. Easiest to use e-reader ever created. Best e-reading product on the market.

6-inch touchscreen display.
7.5 ounces.
5×6.5 inches
2 months on a single charge.
No pageturn latency.
Soft touch paint on back and the bezel.
50% increase in contrast.
Infrared touchscreen interaction.
“Everything is just a touch away.”
“Our customers like to read forever.”
“If I charge my device today, I’ll be reading well past the 4th of July.”

“Built-in Wi-Fi”
Also launching, a new service for choosing books and buying them online. Personalised screen savers.

10:28am – William Lynch back. “Breakthrough product.” Available for pre-order immediately. Shipping on or around June 10.
10:29am – And that, my friends, seems to be it. Please hold for a hands-on.