Path Launches 'Stacks', A Visual Way To Browse Your Friends' Favorite Things

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Path founder and CEO Dave Morin unveiled the latest version of the privacy-focused photo sharing app. And it brings with it one key, new feature that could change how you use the service: Stacks.

The feature is probably best described as a combination of Path’s core photo sharing experience and Facebook Places. Up until now it’s always been possible to tag your shared Path photos with people, places, and things. But there’s never been a way to actually browse through these. Now you’ll be able to browse through albums sorted by tag, each of which is called a Stack.

When you browse to a friend’s profile, you’ll now see a series of thumbnails (actually, it’s more like a small stack of photos) that represent the people, places, and things they interact with most. Tap on one of these, and you’ll see of your friend’s photos that include this tag.

The idea, Morin says, is to expose you to new places and things that you may be interested in. Because of the way the system works, the things your friends like most will bubble to the top, which could help you discover new venues, things to do, and friends.