AHAlife Curates And Sells Unique, Hard-To-Find Products From Around The World

Have you ever visited a city, country or even store and found an original, unique product or item that you’ve never seen before? AHAlife is an e-commerce sites for hard-to-find and exclusive luxury lifestyle products, curated by ‘tastemakers’ from around the world.

AHAlife introduces one new product a day in editorial format through its email list, tells the story about how the product was made, who made it, and where it came from while allowing you to also purchase the product. Products span fashion, food, beauty, travel, accessories, home décor, tech, and travel experiences.

Products range from a handmade Crocodile iPad cover to an exclusive Cannes Film Festival package to gold plated porcelain cups to stylish energy saving lightbulbs.

What makes the site compelling is the blend of content, commerce, and curation in AHAlife’s platform. Celebrity curators on the site include Tim Gunn, Wendi Murdoch, Daniel Boulud, Bobbi Brown, Petra Nemcova, Cynthia Rowley, and Tina Brown.

AHA is also hoping to incentivize its users by allowing them to gain points by sharing products on Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs and email. As users share, purchase and invite their friends, they gain points and reach various levels with titles such as Fabulous, Muy Caliente and Molto Sexy. Depending on their level, they receive social status as well as rewards such as free shipping and concierge services.

The site sort of reminds me of Fancy, a social shopping list where anyone can list products. But AHAlife adds a magazine-like editorial quality to its site with curated recommendations that makes it compelling.