Producteev Launches Google Tasks Sync And Outlook Plugin To Take Your Inbox To Zero

You may be tired of hearing about task managers, but Producteev is a task management service worth writing home about. Few people enjoy using complicated product, task or CRM managers, so Producteev has built a solution with a user-friendly interface that is channel agnostic, and even adds a bit of gaming mechanics. Producteev is a workable alternative to solutions like Basecamp, though the space will surely be keeping a close eye on Dustin Moskovitz’s Asana.

What makes Producteev such a great alternative (and for full disclosure, TechCrunch employs Producteev for managing conference-related tasks) is that it allows users to capture tasks, email-based action items, or schedule deadlines using your preferred communication channels as well as using its realtime-enabled backend to synchronize web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps so that your information stays up to date — across platforms.

Producteev already connects to most of the communication tools you use on a regular basis, including IM services like Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Twitter, and Facebook, so you aren’t forced into visiting a web application to save and manage tasks. Instead, you can open a custom message to a dedicated email address, or quickly check and manage important tasks straight from Gmail’s interface.

The startup’s goal is to turn your emails into actionable items and improve email-based workflow. Free for individuals and groups of two, Producteev connects to main communication channels and allows users to capture tasks and schedule deadlines from their preferred methods and devices. Tasks are easily added via email and IM, with modifications and notifications available remotely as well.

Today, Producteev is further expanding its compatibility by announcing its “Google Tasks Sync” and Microsoft Outlook plugin. Producteev’s Google Tasks Sync allows you to turn Gmail emails into tasks and provides 2-way synchronization, sync notes and deadlines in realtime, as well as adding collaboration, apps, and multiple project management features. Integration with Outlook, in turn, puts Outlook tasks in the cloud, so that tasks can be accessed from Producteev apps on mobile, desktop, and the Web. Users can turn emails into tasks with 1 click, sync labels between Outlook and Producteev, and sync the platform with your Outlook calendar.

“Most people’s tasks are buried in their inboxes, and, as a communication tool, your inbox doesn’t let you manage your next steps. Since recently launching our Google Apps Contextual Gadget, which turns emails to tasks in 1 click on Gmail for Google Apps, Producteev is now going one step further to help manage your inbox and working toward getting your Gmail and Outlook inboxes to zero”, says Producteev co-founder and CEO Ilan Abehassera.

While you can still manually enter tasks into Producteev, you can also just forward an email to the solution, using the subject line to tag it with a due date, and instead of using Gmail stars or writing reminders or keeping notes, forward the email to Producteev and wait until you need it.

Along with these awesome task management options, Producteev also uses built-in game mechanics designed to incentivize productivity with rewards like badges (a tip of the cap to Foursquare). If, on the other hand, you’re not into these rewards, you can opt out. It’s these kinds of added features that allows Producteev to stand out in a somewhat crowded field.

Google Tasks Sync and Outlook Plugin are free and are available starting today. For information about Google Tasks Sync and the Outlook Plugin, check out the landing page here, or watch the Google Tasks video below.