Weekend Giveaway: Something Called An iPad Two (??)

A company called PunchTab wants to test their new contest entry system, appropriately-named the PunchTab widget. To that end, they’ve offered us the ability to give away a black 16GB Apple iPad Two (was there ever an iPad One?), some sort of new tablet computer for people who like that sort of thing. They have it on hand and they want to send it to one lucky winner. All the kids seem to want one, like the Teddy Ruxpin.

So here’s where it gets a little weird.

So this is sort of a social giveaway. You can enter just as you would in a normal giveaway, with comments in the Disqus box below, but you can also like our Facebook fan page and/or tell your friends about the contest in a Tweet. Heck if I know how this all works, but it seems like a great way to spam your fan list with meaningless drivel, so I’m all for it!

Anyway, give it a try. If we like this method for contest entry and selection I’m totally down with switching or, if you guys just prefer the comment route, let me know. NOTE: Turn off adblock to see the javascript below. Also, you can also JUST COMMENT to enter, so you don’t have to get the extra entries using the widget.

Giveaway Details
Connect to the Giveway Widget and follow the instructions, it only takes 30 seconds to enter. You’ll then be able to earn multiple entries into a drawing for the iPad 2 by taking the following social actions:
– leaving a comment below (+1 entry) N.B. you have to SKIP PAST THE FACEBOOK “LIKE” thing to register your comment
– Liking this blog post (+1 entry)
– becoming a fan of CrunchGear on Facebook (+1 entry)
– Tweeting about this giveaway (+1 entry)
– BONUS (+unlimited entries); share your invite link with friends and earn +1 entry per unique click-through and +5 entries if your friend joins the giveaway too

Giveaway ends at midnight (Pacific Time) on May 15th; winner will be announced on May 16th.

If you can’t see the contest widget, turn off adblock

UPDATE – The winner is Brian Yang.