Citizen Journalism is alive and well in the UK – Blottr scores Angel investment

It seems that Citizen Journalism is alive and well in the UK with news that Blottr, the London-based “user generated news” startup, has closed a “seven-figure” Angel round of funding.

Notably, the investment comes from Mark Pearson, founder of, who is in actual fact only putting in £250k up front with the remaining funding dependent on Blottr meeting certain “business milestones” over the next 6 months. TechCrunch Europe has also learned that the potential seven-figure sum totals £1 million, which, those milestones permitting, is not insignificant for an investment from a single Angel investor. Pearson will also join Blottr’s board.

Blottr says that the new investment will be used to “aggressively” expand and will see the site launch in more locations throughout the UK (beyond London). Five new cities are pegged to go live on Monday 16th of this month. These will be Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester.

Founded by Adam Baker, Blottr offers a new take on user-generated news or so-called Citizen Journalism with a mix of collaborative publishing, ‘authentication algorithm’ and revenue sharing for contributors. The site publicly launched in February.

Moving forward, apps for iPhone and Android are next on the roadmap.