Standalone PMA Camera Show Is No More, Now Folded Into CES

PMA – a camera trade show recently renamed CliQ – is being folded in alongside CES this year, a move that almost definitely spells the end of another major standalone tech event. The event was slated to take place September 6-11, 2011 but will now happen around January 10-13 in Las Vegas. There is no confirmation whether CliQ will be a formal part of CES or exist as a standalone but simultaneous event. I’m banking on the latter.

While in the past PMA mainly attracted photo retailers from across the country and featured seminars on how to sell more photo gear, CliQ was scheduled to include photography workshops, photo walks, and how-to talks on ways to become a better photographer.

PMA coverage has always been troublesome simply because it often came a few weeks after CES. We actually stopped covering it for a few years because of the proximity.

via PDNPulse