Teamly, the performance management tool, exits beta with 100,000 "priorities" logged

Teamly, the collaboration and time management tool for businesses and employees, has exited beta today and with it is announcing what it’s calling a “significant milestone”: 9 months in, Teamly users have created 100,000 “priorities”.

The term “priorities” perhaps reflects the company’s key differentiation compared with similar offerings in the “performance management” software space which, says Teamly, aren’t designed to benefit the employee and are overly-complicated and encourage micro-management. In comparison, Teamly keeps things simple with a realtime stream where you can see both priorities and goal setting for the individual in the manner of a kind of “real-time appraisal”. To-date, 6,000 individuals in “hundreds of companies world-wide” are using the Software-as-a-Service.

Along with today’s full commercial launch, Teamly has firmed up its pricing plans. In a freemium move similar to the likes of Yammer, the company is providing an entry point for individuals and small teams to adopt Teamly for free. In addition, the ‘Professional plan’ removes ads, increases security (SSL) and support, and adds extra reporting and statistics, which is something “valued by our business users”, says Teamly CEO Scott Allison.

Going forward, Teamly says it’s in the process of raising a seed round of around $450,000, which, having validated the concept, will be used to expand the development team. Additionally, the company plans to focus on enhancing and refining the product, adding support for other platforms and building new functionality, such as “a module for creating performance reviews” (think: appraisals).