Unknown GSM HP/Palm Phone Passes Through The FCC Featuring webOS 2.3, Inductive Charging (Palm Pre 3?)

The Palm Pre 3 might have just passed through the FCC. The document package in question is mostly locked under a confidentiality agreement so there’s no way to be certain. However, while there are no pics or user manual, there is a wireless test report that lists some specs and names the software version as “WebOS 2.3.” The wireless chipset specs in the FCC docs match up nicely with the specs found on the Palm Pre 3 product page. There’s even a brief mention of an inductive charger in the FCC docs, which lends to the thought that this is the Palm Pre 3.

HP previously stated that the Palm Pre 3 would drop sometime in the summer. That’s about the right timeline for the device to just now be passing through the FCC’s testing facilities. Chances are the device, whether it’s the Palm Pre 3 or not, will launch prior to the confidentiality agreement’s 180 day limit.