Tweetdeck releases heavily revamped iPhone app

Tweetdeck has release a new version 2.0 of its app for the iPhone. They are calling it a ‘Hollywood-esque “re-imagining” where the essence of the original remains but it’s brought up to date. It’s taken “several months of feverish work”.

Imporved features include swiping between columns, navigation through user profiles and the ability to add columns as well as ‘Pull to Update’ and Follow/Unfollow sliders tweaks.

A pinch gesture on a column accesses options to add any combination of feeds into a column so that Twitter timelines, Mentions, DMs Favourites, Lists, Searches, Facebook feeds can be blended into a personalised column

You can download the iPhone TweetDeck v2 from the AppStore here.

This is more than an update though. The old TweetDeck apps have been removed from the AppStore v2.0 is a brand new app, not an update. Links to the older app will soon directing users to download the v2.0 app.

A re-vamped iPad app is also on its way as Tweetdeck creates a universal app “in the next couple of weeks”.

There is much better multiple account handling in this new app. In the Home, Me and Inbox pre-defined columns you can choose exactly which accounts will be used.

The blending of accounts into a column is also very flexible. You can see DMs from one account, blended with your Facebook news feed, plus a couple of Twitter Lists, for instance.

Interestingly, built-in support for, Tweetdeck’s own platform for longer updates, remains. We have been speculating about Tweetdeck’s playbook recently, and is an important part of this.

There is also much greater support for gestures: Pinch inward on a column to access column settings, swipe through feeds and other enhancements. And more support for following conversations as well as all the standard Twitter functions.