The Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC And Ultimate Mobile PC Are Likely Sony's Next-Gen Touchscreen Windows Netbooks

Forget Sony’s S1 and S2 for a hot minute. Sony also revealed a more traditional product line for the firm: The Freestyle Hybrid PC and the Ultimate Mobile PC. Akihabara News notes they’re “scheduled to come anytime soon.” They’re said to run on an Intel Atom platform, which means Windows is likely the OS, and the Ultimate Mobile PC sports a 13.3-inch screen. But that’s all that’s known right now. One look at the device and you know it’s a Sony with the sharp lines, monochrome color scheme, and innovative form factor.

These models are likely Sony’s answer to the cry for a Windows tablet although they seem not much more than a touchscreen netbook. Plus, knowing Sony, they’re probably going to be expensive netbooks, too. [Akihabara News & ITmedia