Medialets Launches Muse, A Creative Project Management Dashboard For Rich Media Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising company Medialets is launching a new product today—Medialets Muse. Muse is a comprehensive creative dashboard for rich 
media advertising, allowing both advertisers and publishers to create and manage ads.

Medialets helps publishers sell rich media ads directly to brands. On the publisher side, Medialets provides all the tools to go and sell ad inventory for mobile rich media ads independently and trains publishers’ salesforce as well. For brands, Medialets evangelizes their ad formats and the mobile ad opportunities provided by big-name publishers, serving as a middle man between publishers like CNN and advertisers like Coca-Cola.

Muse is essentially a collaborative workspace for project managing the details of a campaign launch. Muse has a number of features that makes it an attractive ad creation and management tool for advertisers. The product’s Creative Builder allows advertisers to create and cross platform ads, called Blueprints, in a matter of a few clicks.

It’s important to note that the cornerstone to Medialets’ ads, as we’ve written in the past, is the promise that its rich media and display advertising on mobile phones will provides deeper engagement with users. Engagement is the primary measurement that the ad platform focuses on when determining the success of its advertising campaigns.

Muse can tell you where on which publishers a given Blueprint can run and and allows media agencies to transform existing assets to mobile ad units in minutes, making it far easier to include mobile in digital buys. Blueprints refer to templates for mobile ads on Medialet’s platform. Publishers can build custom Blueprints that incorporate their own content strategy and layouts.
The SaaS also provides a centralized platform for agencies and brands to create mobile ad units, with commenting, timelines and email alerts, review and approval features, and more. CEO Eric Litman tells us that this creative process between agencies and brands has primarily been conducted over email, and Muse allows this to be done within its platform.

And the company has a number of well known brands, including The New York Times, who have been beta testers of Muse. A collaborative workspace that allows advertisers and publishers to not only start and finish an advertising project, but also manage the campaign seems like a useful offering for advertisers.

Medialets, which has raised $10 million in funding, just formed a partnership with Adobe to integrate Medialets‘ mobile ad platform into the Adobe creative suite.