Youwho Raises $5 Million To Show You Who You Are

Youwho, an Internet startup very much in stealth mode, has secured $5 million in funding, an SEC filing reveals.

We don’t know anything about the startup whatsoever at this point, apart from what we were able to piece together from a couple of Internet searches:

– One of the co-founders is Andre Brummer, former SVP Product at

– Its logo, tagline and this trademark filing (“providing an on-line searchable database in the field of genealogy and family history”) suggest it has something to do with mapping your family tree in order to find out ‘who you are’ (also see: Geni,, MyHeritage and others)

– The SEC filing includes the name Barry Eggers, co-founder and managing director of Lightspeed Venture Partners, but we’re not sure if other investors participated in the round.

We’ve contacted the company to learn more, and will update here or when they launch.