iGeigie: A Geiger Counter For Your iPhone

The RDTN project is working on an easy-to-build and simple Geiger counter for the iPhone.

The kit is very homebrew right now but it does have some clever features:

– Glass Geiger Tube can detect beta and gamma radiation
– Runs on mophie juice pack
– iGeiger app computes Counts Per Minute (CPM)
– Breadboard architecture allows for continuing upgrades and improvements
– Interface with iPhone through line-in interface
– Ability to call the iGeigie and listen to clicks

That last thing, the remote Geiger sensing, is pretty crazy. It’s designed to allow for automatic remote sensing and it uses the iPhone’s line-in interface so it doesn’t need to be Apple approved to work with the bottom port.

The project is part of the RDTN, an independent radioactivity sensing group dedicated to offering unvarnished information on current radiation levels around the world.