Google Hires A Tech Blogger? Caroline McCarthy Leaves CNET For The Search Giant

That’s right. Even bloggers can get hired at Google. Caroline McCarthy, a social media writer at CNET, announced through her blog today that she will soon be joining the Google ranks in New York as a member of its incipient “Trends and Insights Team”. Sounds investigative. McCarthy tells me that the details of her employment are still being worked out, (like what her title will actually be), but she does know that she’s going to be doing quite a bit of writing, editing, and data analysis.

Score one for Google. “In my time covering Facebook, Google, Twitter, and countless start-ups, I’ve learned so much from so many people and am incredibly grateful to you all. Though I’m a bit wistful about checking out of the fourth estate (at least for now), I hope that we can stay in touch as I move into a whole new side of the business”, McCarthy wrote on her blog this morning.

McCarthy has been a writer at CNET for 5 years, since she started at the media outlet as a 21-year-old. Fresh out of college, she began working at CNET as an entry-level general assignment reporter. She was then formally assigned to cover social media and Web 2.0 about a year later, and began her column “The Social” at the same time.

May 6 will be McCarthy’s last day at CNET, and she’s slated to start at Google on the 16th. As to what she’ll do before heading to the Googleplex? A trip into the California wilderness. (Presumably to prepare herself for the data-mining ahead.)

You can read the rest of McCarthy’s announcement on her blog here.