Stealth NYC Startup Kohort Raises $3 Million Seed Round From IA Ventures, RRE, And More

A stealth startup in New York City called Kohort has raised a pretty hefty “seed” round of $3 million from a large group of VCs and angels. IA Ventures led the round. But other investors getting in on the action include RRE Ventures, Countour, FF Venture Capital, and both David Cohen and David Tisch of TechStars (investing personally).

CEO Mark Davis is well-known in New York City venture circles. He is himself a former VC with DFJ Gotham. Davis is also the founder of both the Columbia Venture Community and the New York Venture Community. His co-founder and CTO is Steve Blood.

Davis won’t say what kind of product Kohort will be, other than it will be related to social media. The Kohort site is just a landing page which lets you reserve your Kohort name. You can also follow Kohort on Twitter.