OnSwipe Brings Tablet Publishing To The Browser (TCTV Demo)

As tablets become the preferred digital reading device, every publisher out there is creating their own iPad apps. And soon they will have to create Android apps and maybe RIM Playbook apps and HP WebOS apps too. Or they can keep on publishing on the Web and display their websites differently to people who visit them via tablet browsers.

OnSwipe is a new digital publishing tools company that wants to make mobile browsing as swipe-friendly as a tablet app. The startup will be showing off its software later today at TechStars NYC Demo Day. I got a preview from co-founders Jason Baptiste and Andres Barreto when I visited the TechStars New York office last week (see video above). They are setting out to prove that the browser is the only app you’ll need.

OnSwipe already works as plugin for any WordPress.com blog, and the company is working with publishers to tabletize their Websites. Using HTML5 and other technologies, they publishers customizable templates that make their sites look good on tablets. Articles become swipeable, and rotate between portrait and landscape modes. And using bit.ly data (betaworks is an investor), it can even recommend related articles. The ads also become more immersive (and guess who wants to serve them up? Yup, OnSwipe).