More leaks: BlackBerry Touch (Monaco) and BlackBerry Bold Touch (Dakota) TV Commercials Leaked

With the seemingly endless series of leaks that have been going on for the past few weeks, there’s really not much we don’t know* about RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry handsets. Photos? Leaked. Videos? leaked. Specs? Leaked.

Now to round things out, even the TV commercials for two of the devices (the full-screen Touch and the hybrid touch/keyboard Bold Touch) have leaked. A heads up, before you click through: these commercials kind of suck.

Both commercials were conjured up by N4BB.

BlackBerry Touch Commercial:

BlackBerry Bold Touch Commercial:

30 seconds of icons floating around a cityscape followed by a nigh-instant glance of the device? Guh. These commercials could be for pretty much any phone on the planet. Vagueness and ambiguity has been tried before, RIM — it doesn’t work in the phone world.

* Well, we don’t know what they smell like, but it’s probably safe to assume the answer to that is “like plastic.”