Mayor Bloomberg Proclaims April 16 As Foursquare Day In New York City

Location-based social network Foursquare has its own day! New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has mandated that April 16, the fourth sixteenth of the year, is Foursquare Day in New York City.

Foursquare, which now has more than 8 million users, is based in New York City, so it is a hometown favorite. From the official proclamation: Whereas: New York City is proud to be the home of both the powerhouse companies and small startups that are thinking big, creating new jobs, and leading the global economy. Foursquare is one such success story. Started by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai around Dennis’s kitchen table in the East Village, it now employs more than 60 people in New York and has more than eight million users worldwide. That is why we are proud to join Foursquare’s founders and fans in celebrating the first global social media holiday. Today, April 16th—4/16, the fourth sixteenth of the year—is Foursquare Day in New York City and around the world.

While not monumental news, the Mayor’s interest in the startup must be flattering for the startup. Checkout this Founder Stories segment with co-founder Dennis Crowley on Foursquare’s origins.