400-CAM003: Bike-Friendly Mini DV Camera

Japan-based Sanwa Supply announced [JP] a mini camera specifically aimed at cyclists. The so-called “Bike Mini DV Camera 400-CAM003” can not only shoot videos and pictures, it also doubles as a voice recorder.

Just place the device into the bicycle handle (which Sanwa throws in), and you’re ready to go. Technically, you get a 5MP CMOS camera that shoots MPEG-4 AVC/H.264(MOV) videos in 1,280×720 resolution and JPEGs in 3,200×2,400 resolution.

The device comes with just 40MB internal memory, which means you will have to use microSD cards (32GB max.). It features an HDMI interface and a USB port to transfer material to Windows XP/Vista/7 PCs. Sized at 85×50×23mm, the camera weighs just 81g.

The Bike Mini DV camera is already on sale in Japan where it costs $205 (including a mini remote control/pictured above). Ask Geek Stuff 4 U or the Japan Trend Shop if you’re interested in importing one.