To Encourage Smugness, Garry's Mod Creator Triggers Error Message For Pirated Versions

This is pretty great. You know Garry’s Mod, right? It’s basically a sandbox “game” built on the Source engine. It’s only $10, but apparently there are people out there who feel the need to pirate it. The mind boggles. Anyhow, the developer of the mod, Garry Newman, created an error message that would only manifest itself in pirated copies of the game. Go ahead and search Google for the “unable to shade polygon normals.” The people complaining are using pirated copies of the game. For shame.

Why did Garry do this?

I don’t think the error isn’t going to boost GMod sales. I just like to give people that paid something to be smug about.

That’s quite excellent, giving people something to be smug about. There’s nothing wrong with smugness. In fact, it’s very much encouraged.