Golden Oscars Xoom Sold On Ebay For Just $1500

Someone got a nice little deal. One of the gold Xooms given out as Oscar swag ended up on Ebay last week and sold for just $1,525. That’s actually not a bad price when you add it up: $800 for 32GB/3G Xoom, $50 for the standard dock, and lets say $150 for the limited edition Lodis Leather custom folio. (which I want) All that adds up to just $1000 meaning someone paid just a $500 premium for the very limited edition gold paint job and the feeling of owning something a celebrity might have touched. But it’s also a bit sad as if it was an Oscars’ golden iPad 2 the ending price would have been more like $15,000 or $150,000. [Ebay via BeGeek]