Google Buys Mobile Music And Entertainment Platform PushLife

Google has acquired Toronto-based mobile entertainment startup PushLife for close to $25 million dollars, Startup North is reporting. The company, which enabled you to port your iTunes and Windows Media player libraries to non-Apple phones like Android and Blackberry has been gobbled up by the search engine in its attempts to move beyond search.

Founded in 2008 by former RIM employee Ray Reddy, PushLife let you manage wallpapers, music, videos, ringtones and other media on your cell phone until its acquisition, setting out to “build immersive mobile experiences for people to play, organize, share and purchase digital content across multiple devices.” Instead it got bought by Google.

The grab is particularly interesting in light of reports that Google might be launching its own music service soon as one could easily assume that Google would want PushLife to perform a similar function when it gets integrated into the Google engineering team in Canada.