FrankWork Streamlines Management Of Freelance Staff And Projects

Managing freelancers and projects can be a challenge and a new startup is launching today to help managers sort through the chaos of the freelance hiring. FrankWorks, is opening up as an enterprise site that allows producers to manage freelance staff and projects.

Frank’s recruiting module allows you to import your contacts into the platform so that you can assemble all of your freelance contacts in a single place, see their current availability, and reserve them for project needs. FRANK’s intuitive interface lets you organize your freelance contacts by specialty, location, and rate.

You can then book freelancers for upcoming jobs, through the platform (FrankWork will send freelancers emails to join the platform). It’s important to note that FrankWork is purely focused on hiring and managing projects vs. paying freelancers.

FrankWork was founded by Lance Sanders, who got the idea for the platform having been a freelancer and having managed freelance resources for the entertainment sector in LA. He said that the freelance hiring process can be very disjointed when it comes to production work, and built FrankWork to suit these needs. While helps you source Freelancers, Sanders says that the web is lacking an actual management platform for sorting through hiring your contacts for various projects. FrankWork is based on a subscription model which ranges from $19 to $99 per month.