The BlackBerry Bold Touch Gets Handled In Its First Hands-On

RIM’s doing their damnedest to keep their BlackBerry World announcements a secret, but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Just last week, a photo gallery of their next full touchscreen device (don’t call it a Storm) leaked out. This week, it’s something even more exciting: the BlackBerry Bold Touch got pawed at.

Combining RIM’s pretty-much-universally loved Bold keyboard with a touchscreen display on top, the Bold Touch is something straight out of any BlackBerry addict’s most private dreams. It is — at least in concept — the best of both worlds. BGR spent a bit of hands-on time with a pre-release unit, and here’s the gist of what he had to say:

  • The keyboard is “great and spacious”
  • The device itself is “extremely solid”
  • The touchscreen is “very responsive”
  • The Bold Touch uses a new battery that RIM hasn’t used before, though there’s no word on what the new capacity is.
  • Global release tentatively scheduled for June/July, with it being announced at BlackBerry World in May

What do you think: would you carry it? If you’ve strayed from the BlackBerry, is this enough to pull you back in?

Be sure to check out BGR’s full hands-on gallery over here.