Is This AT&T's Version Of The LG Optimus One?

At this point, LG’s wallet-friendly Android phone, the Optimus One, has made its way to just about every US carrier most folks could name. T-Mobile? Optimus T. Sprint? Optimus S. MetroPCS? Optimus M — and so on. There’s really only one big carrier that doesn’t have an Optimus One to call their own: AT&T.

Fear not, budget-minded Android-hopefuls: it looks like AT&T might finally be gettin’ around to riding the Optimus train. PocketNow nabbed the shot above, showing what looks to be an Optimus handset rockin’ AT&T’s signature colors and branding. There’s not much to go on besides that (no word on pricing, release dates, or whether or not AT&T actually plans to ever release this thing) — but man, that’s certainly not the best looking entry in the Optimus One line.