Principal Facebook Tech Recruiter Andy Barton Moves To Quora

Quora is hiring! How do we know? Well Facebook Tech Recruiter and Team Lead Andy Barton just tweeted that today is his first day at the Q&A service.  Barton follows Facebook product manager Sandra Liu Huang as well as (Facebook alums Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever) in making the Facebook to Quora jump.

After spending 4 years at Facebook, Andy Barton possibly has the most stacked Rolodex of any person in the field especially with regards to Facebook employees waiting for vestment and/or IPO in order to explore other options.

Quora currently has $11 million in funding and 21 employees but something tells me they’ll be expanding on both numbers sometime soon.

Update: Quora representative (and former Facebook’s PR exec) Brandee Barker confirms over dm that Quora is “hiring a lot, but mostly really good engineers and product designers.”