Photocollect offers a way to create photo and video albums around events

Somewhat similar to one-man shop Yogile, Photocollect offers a way for a group of people to upload and share photos related to an event. In addition, the site supports (up to) HD video. And although the service is currently web-based, a dedicated iPhone app is in limbo waiting for Apple’s App Store approval.

Offering a more elegant and efficient way for participants at the same event to share photos, other than via email attachments or relying purely on Facebook (although the social network is heavily integrated), the service provides features such as the ability to set different security levels on a photo album before inviting contributors, photo downloads, comments and the option to tag people. Mostly, however, it’s the user interface that wins through.

As for why users wouldn’t be better off using Facebook – after all, network effects are in play big time here – Photocollect likens the social network to your phone’s address book. “You would never send all your photos to everyone in your address book”, its two co-founders say.

That’s a good point, though Facebook groups and its privacy controls (however, complex) do in theory provide a way around that problem. But if it’s a standalone service you’re after, Photocollect is certainly worth a try.

Photocollect is seed funded by Wyatt Media Group to the tune of $100k, along with investment from co-founder Joakim Gronvall. He also founded the Swedish photosharing community Bilddagboken in 2004. Bilddagboken currently claims 1.4 million accounts (around 87% of Swedens youths) and houses 260 million photos. In January 2010, Joakim left Bilddagboken to pursue Photocollect full time.