The Klhip: What The World Needs Now Is Another Nail Clipper…

They say if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. They also say if you build a better nail clipper someone, probably a very strange-looking man, will bring the nail clipper onto the subway and proceed to groom his fingers between the 36th St. and Pacific Street stops on the N train, filling the subway car with the endless, gut-gurgling sound of spent fingernails pinging off of steel bars and plastic seating. The Klhip is that nail clipper.

Designed to work “backwards,” instead of squeezing the Klhip you push it down like a reverse stapler. The resulting lever action nips off the offending horn-like envelope with a perfect aesthetic precision, resulting in nails that are not too long and not too short and are, in the end, just right.

How much does this abnormal clipper cost? Glad you asked, because the boys at Khlip have priced the device at a risible $70 or $95 with leather carrying case, thereby ensuring that said crazy person described above will keep using the $1.99 drug store specials to perform his daily grooming while only the super-rich Howard Hughes types will use (or, in Hughes’ case, not use) this new clipper.

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