Is This The Greatest VC Pitch Prank Ever Pulled?

Just like that fake slide deck, this probably fake VC pitch video has been making the rounds across Silicon Valley lately, portraying the saga of a probably fake Rachel Sequoia (heh) and her probably fake startup “Share The Air.”

As I just finished doing an Ignite talk, the whole “bullshit for five minutes” thing really hit home with me, but especially the part where the actress playing Sequoia asks an audience presumably filled with VCs for 500K to support her location-based air service, which includes an ancillary app where you can use Google Maps to check into places where you’ve breathed. Yes, breathed.

For what it’s worth, I think this whole thing is BS, from the over-Bindied Sequoia to the Venture Capital Fundraising Club and audience to the Sharetheair108 landing page. After all, if any part of this were real, you would probably have heard about it here, first.

Via Urlesque