Dorsey Is Back In Action At Twitter, And That May Be Formalized Soon

While everyone is going gaga over Lady Gaga at Twitter, it’s the gradual return of another creative genius to 795 Folsom Street that’s got die hard Twitter fans all hot and bothered.  Twitter and Square co-founder Jack Dorsey, as first reported by Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson, is currently in talks with Twitter management to expand his role. We’ve confirmed independently that this is indeed the case.

We’re hearing, and its been reported elsewhere, that Dorsey is even more involved in meetings at Twitter following Evan Williams departure as CEO, going beyond his capacity as Chairman and getting more hands-on with product strategy. And Dorsey has been showing up for “Tea Times,” Twitter’s Friday meetings.

But sources say that nothing has been formalized yet, and it is unlikely he would step down as CEO of Square for something at Twitter.

Dorsey invented the micro-blogging service in 2006, while he was at Evan William’s podcasting startup Odeo. Dorsey became CEO of Twitter in 2007 and then was kicked out in favor of Evan Williams in 2008. Williams relinquished the CEO role in fall of 2010 to Dick Costolo, who is primarily responsible for steering the company in the direction of a viable business model namely Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends.

Perhaps one poignant sign that the Dorsey/Twitter relationship has thawed? Dorsey’s nostalgic tweeting about Twitter’s beginning, on its five year anniversary.

Twitter PR gave us the following official statement regarding Dorsey’s position with the company, “Twitter is lucky to have the involvement of its founders. As we said last fall, we’re fortunate that our chairman, Jack Dorsey, has been able to get even more engaged in the company.  His assistance has and will continue to be invaluable.”

If one thing’s known for sure, it’s that Twitter is a ten minute walk from Square, and Dorsey’s been going back and forth a lot.

Image via/@Jack