Yuilop raises €1 million for social communication app

Yuilop, a startup based in Barcelona, Spain, has secured 1 million euros in seed funding from Nauta Capital. The company has launched its mobile communication service in Germany, and says more markets will follow ‘soon’.

Much like the plethora of mobile messaging apps out there, yuilop bills its service as a real-time social communication hub.

The application blends multiple conversations from a variety of channels (yuilop-to-yuilop, SMS, Facebook Chat and others) into a single conversation with your contacts and functions entirely independently from wireless carriers.

Later this year, the startup plans to add free voice communication between users to the mix.

Based on the job offers it currently lists on its website, the startup supports – or plans to support – Android, iOS, Symbian and BlackBerry.

Yuilop was founded last year by Jochen Doppelhammer, Antonio Brusola and Julian Moreno Beltran.