Hitler Weighs In On SXSW Jumping The Shark

To save all 15 of you the effort of writing a response to MG’s “Saying ‘SXSW Is Over’ Is Over” post right now, the “Has SXSW Interactive jumped the shark” discussion has hit Godwin’s Law. That’s right. Someone has made a Hitler’s Downfall video where the Führer shares his views on how much the conference has sold out as it’s scaled, thereby symbolically decreeing the “SXSW is Over” meme officially, yes, over.

My favorite parts:

“If you’re attending SXSW for the Pepsi Max booth, please leave.”

“Now this is just another excuse for marketing douches to get shit-faced at parties! Fucking Twitter got its start here! Now we’re supposed to get excited about an iPad 2 pop-up store. New Foursquare badges … Or a sponsored BBQ with people who could give a shit about creativity and innovation …”

“Look at us! We dress like the lesser-known members of Arcade Fire!”

“SXSW was about meeting the unpretentious people behind great tech innovations. Now it’s a bunch of self-important Twitter celebrities running around looking for the next good party on their iPhones.”

“Oh look at me look at all the RSVPs I have.”

“The techies look down on the marketers. The marketers ignore the techies. And the hipsters look down on everyone.”

While the Interactive conference has probably suffered from the Eternal September problem ever since it was called SXSW Multimedia, going from hundreds to around 20,000 attendees means it will be a whole different (and mainstream) beast going forward. So was this year a tipping point? Well it’s a sign of the times we live in where a supposedly homegrown viral video created for the “Help Save SXSW from Marketer Douchebaggery” movement is itself prefaced by an ad.

Via: Here’s Some Awesome