Sirius XM Updates iOS App, Breaks Third-Party Access

Sirius XM has updated its iOS app, but it doesn’t look to be all that great of an update. Normally I wouldn’t even notice this, seeing as though I primarily use Radium to listen to the one channel I listen to (The Virus for O&A and R&F), but this new update broke third-party access to the streams. Sigh. Anyhow, the app now stands at version 1.4, and the first thing you notice is that the icon has changed to reflect the new Sirius XM logo.

The app also asks you as soon as it launches if you’re sure you have an unlimited data plan from your provider, because the app uses lots of bandwidth. Well, I’m connecting via Wi-Fi, so surely that data restriction warning shouldn’t pop up when I connect.

Howard Stern is now available via the iOS app, so that’s good news for Stern fans.