Vidyo's HD Video Conferencing Platform Now Supports iPad 2, XOOM And Atrix

Video conferencing technology company Vidyo is enhancing its platform with support for Apple’s just released iPad 2, Motorola’s XOOM tablet and Atrix smartphone. The platform utilizes the company’s VidyoTechnology SDK, which is available to third parties, and enables 720p HD multipoint video conferencing that works on a range of mobile devices.

With Vidyo’s platform, customers can join video conferences from anywhere using a bunch of devices (see below for a list of previously supported hardware), from mobile phones to tablets or room systems, using client apps built by Vidyo or its partners.

Vidyo CEO Ofer Shapiro says the faster CPU of the iPad 2 and its two cameras make it a platform that “begs for HD multipoint video communication and collaboration”.

The company claims it was able to use its own SDK to enable the iPad 2 to participate in 720p multipoint video conferences within hours of general availability of the high-end tablet computer. For the record: this is on the delivery end, not for actual high-def broadcasting from the iPad 2 (the tablet computer sports a front-facing VGA camera only).

Still, video conferencing support for such a multitude of devices and platforms = pretty neat.

The Vidyo platform already supported the first-gen iPad, iPhone 4, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S smartphone, Google’s Nexus S and multiple other Android devices.

Vidyo OEM partners include HP, Google, Ricoh, Hitachi and others. The company has raised more than $73 million in venture capital to date.