Is Call Of Duty: Black Ops The Best Selling Game Of All Time?

Sigh. Call of Duty: Black Ops is now the best selling video game of all time, at least according to NPD. Activision has sold 13.7 million units since its release last November. Billions and billions served, etc.

But is CODBLOPS really the biggest selling video game of all time? This handy list on Wikipedia lists several video games that have sold more than the 13.7 million units. For example, Super Mario Bros. (the original for the NES) is listed at 40.23 million units, and Super Mario Bros. 3 is listed at 18 million.

And here’s something o further complicate matters: NPD explicitly says CODBLOPS has sold more units than Wii Play. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s own financial report [PDF] from last year says they sold 27.38 million units. I’m pretty sure 27 is a bigger number than 13, but who am I to question the mighty NPD?