Posterous Joins The SXSW Pile On With Posterous Events For iPhone

Because you ain’t nobody unless you have a special version of your app for SXSW, Posterous has today released its own effort with Posterous Events, a which allows people at a massive event like SXSW or even something as humble as a family picnic to create a simple site around that event using their iPhone apps.

All users who want to create a Posterous site around an event have to do is open up their iPhones and create a .posterous address for a specific location and post (the site you most recently posted to will stay on top of your events).

Posterous is incorporating SimpleGeo location data into the app, so that anyone with the Posterous iPhone app also in the vicinity of a given event will be able to see that event and post photos and media which are then presented on the site in slideshow format (above).

Says head of marketing Rich Pearson, “Our aim is to make Posterous Events the default place to share at concerts, weddings, parties and conferences – that said, it’s an early version.” Posterous is also planning event notification, private event capability in a later build, but for now, enjoy SXSW Posterousers.

You can find the app in the app store here.