Video: Retractable, Portable Solar Power Unit

Solar energy is progressing: Japan-based OS has developed the so-called “Mobile Solar Unit” [ENG, PDF], which is essentially a portable power generation system that comes with a retractable solar panel. The system can provide a total of 40W of power, 16W from the solar sheet and 24W from a built-in battery.

Much like with a projector screen, the roll-up mechanism allows users to pull out and retract the solar panel from the main unit. The device weighs just 3kg and can be linked to a second one to generate 80W of power (each unit has a 12v socket).

Maker OS says their solar unit can be useful after disasters, outdoors, for construction, and during events.

In Japan, the Mobile Solar Unit is already on sale (price: $725).

This video, shot by our friends over at Diginfonews in Tokyo, provides more insight: