The Teradek Cube Lets Almost Any Video Camera Livestream Over 4G (Video)

The Teradek Cube is a sort of Livestream pack, like what we used at CES, that enables one to connect their camera of choice to the world. It’s sort of like Qik, but much, much better quality. The Cube can connect to Verizon’s LTE network, with the Pantech UML290, and WiFi. This is something that would be great for Liveblogging, and almost eliminates huge broadcasting semi-trucks.

Teradek has priced the Cube starting around $1600 going all the way up to $2000+ for the 4G capable model. There are also WiFi-only models for less money.

The Cube is small and can connect to anything from a RED to a Canon DSLR, all of the encoding is built-in. The system is super easy to setup and you can go live with just the press of a button. Also, if you get in early, you’ll get a free month of Livestream’s premium membership, valued at $350.

[via gizmodo]