Microsoft Job Listing Points To New Xbox In Development


The first hints of a next-generation Xbox have appeared online, and it’s about darn time. A listing on the LinkedIn social network—for those unfamiliar of LinkedIn, it’s sorta like Facebook but primarily used to maintain professional contacts—shows that Microsoft is looking to fill several positions related to “next-generation console architectures from conception through implementation.” How about that?

There’s three positions up for grabs right now, and they are: graphics hardware architect, senior architect and performance engineer, and senior hardware design verification engineer.

While this isn’t confirmation, per se, of a new console in the works, it would certainly suggest as much. After all, can you really squeeze much more life out of the Xbox 360?

If that even matters, of course, with games like Minecraft teaching us that you don’t need SUPER-ÜBER GRAPHICS~! to make a fun and compelling game. Lord knows I’ve spent an incredible number of hours in recent weeks playing Civilization V, and that’s not exactly what you’d call a graphically demanding game. And yet it’s fun, shock!