South Korea Braces Itself For More Suspicious DDoS Attacks


Oh, look, Cyber War‘s in the news, that marketing gimmick that plenty of people have used to make a few dollars writing scary sounds books. Wonderful. Cynicism aside, the South Korean government has warned its citizens to “firm up their electronic defenses” as a result of a rash of distributed denial of service attacks. The attacks could have originated in any number of countries, but naturally North Korea has come under direct suspicion.

Computers that have been attacked include those belonging to the government and banks. American forces in South Korea also came under attack.

Never mind that, as we all know, any child can initiate a distributed denial of service attack. In fact, at one point there was a small application for Windows, Mac, and Linux that would start such an attack with the push of a button. It takes more effort to start up a lemonade stand than it does to DDoS someone.