Researcher: Stuxnet Worm Created By The U.S.

Much has been written about Stuxnet (not least of which that big New York Times article from a few weeks ago, and the Christian Science Monitor article from last November), a computer worm that’s thought to have played a central role in partial destruction of one of Iran’s nuclear fuel refinement facilities. The worm is thought to have set back Iran’s production of nuclear fuel by several months. Can’t have a nuclear Iran, can we? In any event, a prominent German security researcher has said that he now believes Uncle Sam was responsible for the creation of the worm.

The researcher, Ralph Langer, admitted as much yesterday at TED. He said the worm could have only one leading source, and that leading source is the U.S.

The worm was created, said Langer, to accomplish a simple task: to set back Iran’s nuclear ambitions: “We don’t want Iran to get the bomb.”

Langer also said that he believes the Mossad is involved.

The Mossad, of course, being the intelligence arm of the Israeli government. It was recently featured in the Spielberg movie Munich.