RentJuice Buys East Coast Rival Kahoots, Cuts Brokerage Prices

RentJuice has acquired its Boston-based competitor Kahoots, retaining the latter’s founder, Janak Sanariya, as Director of East Coast Operations to strengthen partnerships with the rental industry on the East Coast.

The acquisition, terms of which are not publicly being disclosed, comes a month after RentJuice announced that it has raised $6.2 million in Series B financing from Tim Draper and Highland Capital.

RentJuice connects prospective renters, brokers and property managers to each other in real-time. Coinciding with the acquisition news, the company has announced that it will be cutting its pricing across the board to a $129 per month flat rate for brokerages with up to 100 agents.

As for Kahoots, which has served the East Coast’s rental market with a rental marketing solution since 2006: its customers’ data will be consolidated in RentJuice’s technology platform.