Rash Of Malware Proves You Cannot Even Trust Supposedly Trustworthy Sites

More bad news in the endless struggle against malware. Tens of thousands of people in the UK were victimized by malware that was embedded in advertisements present on several big Web sites, including the Vue movie chain and Autotrader. It just goes to show you that even supposedly trustworthy Web sites can infect you with malware, as we’ve mentioned in the past.

The malware was injected into ads served by Unanimis, a UK-based digital advertising network. Once the company was alerted to the presence of malware it took only about three hours to clean everything out.

Unanimis told the BBC it doesn’t know how its network was compromised, but that it’s now looking into the matter.

Malware peddlers often trick people into running “anti-malware” software (above is a famous example), when in reality all these people were doing was loading up their system with gunk. “YOUR’RE INFECTED WITH MALWARE, PLEASE RUN THIS CAN NOW TO FIX EVERYTHING~!”

Apparently people didn’t catch the misspelled “your’re,” which is typically an indicator of malfeasance.