Posterous 2.0 Is A Group Sharing App With A Website Attached

Simple blogging service Posterous is taking its recently launched Posterous Groups function mobile this morning with the release of the Posterous 2.0 Android and iPhone apps. Along with the app’s previous functionality (including universal auto-posting), users can now create and participate in a Posterous Group over the phone, with the added advantage of setting up a permanent Posterous site to archive this information.

Posterous marketing manager Rich Pearson tells me that Posterous’ mobile efforts have more than doubled its userbase since its launch in December. Group sharing seems to be all the rage and this is Posterous’ most ambitious Group sharing endeavor yet.

Indeed, its newest Android and App build is sort of like a Group-texting app with a website attached, the ideal use case being people who need to quickly share media like photos and videos with  friends, family or coworkers and want to have some sort of easy accessible and lasting web record, which photo-sharing services like Instagram and Group messaging apps like GroupMe currently lack.

Those who want to create a new group in Posterous 2.0 can, go to “Groups” and hit “New Group,” choose a group name and address. You can also conveniently add group members from your phone contacts. Subsequently, you create posts and can upload as many videos or photos as you’d like to the group, all in one fell scoop.

The app, which now supports landscape mode, allows all group members interact with each other’s posts on mobile –You can heart and make comments on individual posts via the app. By default the app emails the other group members of activity when there are new posts and comments.

Posterous, who recently landed a deal with The Gap to power its blog, is planning to add even more functionality with regards to Groups and hopes to launch Posterous Events, which builds Groups around events, right before SXSW.

You can download the app in the iTunes store here, or by searching for “Posterous” in the Android market.