Battlefield Play4Free Open Beta Begins On April 4

This will be the year of Battlefield. The next proper game in the series, Battlefield 3, was revealed at GDC only a few hours ago (I had actually seen the game in action about two weeks ago, and needless to say I’m fully confident it will be the multi-player shooter of the year.
Sorry, every other game.), and we’ve also learned some more about the upcoming Battlefield Play4Free, primarily this: the open beta begins on April 4.

If you’ve played Battlefield: Bad Company 1 or 2 you’ll get access a few days earlier, on March 31.

Apparently if you follow the game on Facebook and Twitter you also get early access: April 2.

Let’s not forget that those of you who bought Medal of Honor’s limited edition will get Battlefield 3 beta access, whenever that comes around.

That’s about it.