Babyloid: Therapeutic Baby Robot For The Elderly

Japan has the world’s oldest society (20% of the population is 65 or older), and it’s the world’s No. 1 robot nation. As such, the country has seen quite a fewwelfare robots” over the years – and the so-called Babyloid [JP] is the newest model.

As the name suggests, the little guy is designed to resemble an infant. Babyloid weighs 2.2kg, measures 44cm in length and has a movable mouth, arms and eyelids.


Babyloid inventor Kanou Masayoshi says his robot can, by simulating certain human emotions (i.e. crying/see above), trigger emotional responses in users, something that may be helpful to fight symptoms of depression especially seen with the elderly.

Masayoshi already started conducting experiments in nursing homes in Japan and hopes to have 10 working prototypes produced within 2 years.

Via Plastic Pals via Robonable [JP]