White iPad 2 Bezel Appears, But Is It Real?

The story goes that 9to5mac received a pic of what’s supposed to be a white iPad 2 bezel. It came by way of iFixYouri repair shop from a Shenzhen source. But that’s where the info dries up.

It at least looks to be a white bezel for an iPad, but with the rampant consumer electronic cloning happening in various Chinese manufacturing facilities, it’s impossible to definitively label this bezel as an authentic Apple part. Sure, the holes and light sensor are appropriately placed — there’s even a light sensor like on the current iPad — but its official status would still be questioned even if there was an Apple logo and trademark message about being designed in California and built in China.

Until Tim Cook, or whoever pulls the short straw to fill in for Jobs, announces a white iPad, all the white iPad leaks and so-called proof need to be filled in the rumor hanging folder. Because, you know, they’re just rumors.