Tobii Technology Unveils Eye Tracking Laptop, A World First

A new technology that we’ve been hearing about for a few year finally is getting unveiled today at CeBIT in Germany. Tobii Technology has partnered up with Lenovo to create a laptop with integrated eye tracking control. It is said that it will add to the functionality of a keyboard and mouse, rather than killing them.

The technology will track user’s eye movements in efforts to make suggestions based on where the user looks. For example, when looking at the bottom of the screen, the task bar could appear; also, if it notices that you stumble around a word, it may bring up a definition. These are just a few of the potential capabilities.

Finally, the technologies can be used in gaming where the characters can interact with eye movements — imagine first person shooters now. Right, now we aren’t too sure how well the technology works, but as soon as we get a glimpse of what they show at CeBIT, we will let you know.